Last Stop Hypnotherapy

I always conduct initial consultations as part of the process of determining a specific course of hypnotherapy. I’m frequently struck by a pattern. An individual has specific symptoms. Symptoms might include anxiety, depression, low self esteem, anger, phobias, etc. First port of call is a GP. The person is offered tablets. Tablets work (temporarily) or don’t work or the person doesn’t want to take prescribed medication. The GP increases the dosage of the tablets and/or offers counseling or “Positive Steps”. The person is reluctant to engage with counseling in a group. They try CBT. They try NLP. They try “Thrive”. They arrive in my office disappointed by previous experience, and the resilience of their symptoms, and highly skeptical. Then I convey the certainty there is another way. A method of hypnotherapy that seeks to address the causes of the emotional/behavioral patterns rather than merely managing them. Considering my success rate, many clients wish in hindsight that they had come to see me first and that hypnotherapy isn’t last stop hypnotherapy.