Living in Lockdown

Friends and acquaintances have been telling me that despite following government guidance and staying home, they feel even more fatigued than usual. Some have complained about tiredness, loss of motivation and vivid dreams. Perhaps some of this can be explained, some might be approached through speculation.

Many of us, in “normal” times, are almost constantly on the go. There’s work, children, social engagements, and so many other responsibilities from vital to mundane. We may slow down on the weekend, but often not. We engage in all these situations willingly, but it takes consistent effort. Suddenly we’re forced to curtail or completely stop all of these things. This in itself requires a mental and physical adjustment. Combined with changed sleeping patterns, we feel sluggish and then struggle to maintain motivation. We’re trying to adjust to circumstances forced upon us.

Many of us have been having vivid dreams. Not necessarily bad dreams, but visually intense dreams we remember upon waking. Some have told me of very unpleasant dreams involving death and suffering. I believe these dreams are also an expression of the times we’re living in. All of us are very aware of what’s going on the world around us: a collective awareness a collective consciousness. The vivid dreams are an expression of individual and collective doubt, worry and fear. Dreams give expression to thoughts and feelings that linger just above, and then just below, our awareness.

We will get beyond this. The familiar will return, but tiredness, restless nights and vivid dreams might be with us for some time.