Managing Anger Towards Girlfriends

There has been recent discussion in the media about physical violence that young men inflict on their girlfriends. Obviously this kind of behaviour is completely deplorable.

The focus of the media attention seems to encourage young women to come forward if they’ve been emotionally and/or physically abused with the certainty that there’s support from law enforcement, social workers and the courts. There’s doubt that all these aspects of support are adequately in place.

As an aside, it was mentioned recently on the BBC Breakfast program that young men receive formal education, at the secondary school level, about the inappropriateness of emotional and physical violence towards anyone, but specifically their girlfriends.

“Anger management” was mentioned in the context of offenders: those who emotionally and physically abuse their girlfriends. Perhaps education might pre-empt some abuse, but anger management can be achieved with a simultaneous combination of cognitive therapy and hypnotherapy provided over several consecutive weeks.

Over the last half dozen years, I’ve helped several men specifically for anger management. Cognitive therapy helps men understand the relationship between how they feel and how they behave,  while the hypnotherapy helps them to achieve more inner calm and thus more rational control.