Mental Health and Adults

I’ve written previously about the shortage of facilities and professional medical staff to address the growing problem of mental health issues among children and adolescents. The BBC reported on September 1st that many adults with severe mental health issues are living rough on the streets of Britain. Some of these adults have been sectioned, or institutionalised, on more than one occasion and yet find themselves without food, sanitation or even a roof over their head. How could this happen?

The British people aren’t lacking in compassion, but there is a severe shortage of facilities and trained staff to help mentally unwell adults recover. It often happens that a mentally ill person who is sectioned simply has to give way to someone even more unwell due to limited space. Then there are those who don’t receive any help for their mental health issues at all. This is a social tragedy. Adults with severe mental health issues are vulnerable and a society is judged by how it takes care if its vulnerable. We must address the issue of adequate intervention and support for all people with mental health issues.