Mental Health Catastrophe

Because I couldn’t anticipate the arrival of the corona virus, I couldn’t anticipate that the mental health of the nation is currently in such a precarious state. NHS staff are exhausted and many are traumatised. Health care and social care workers are no less exhausted and stressed.

What we here now are those who have become anxious and depressed while in lockdown or shielding. On top of that are the hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs and struggle to feed their children, pay their bills and mortgages. Many of these people had no idea they, and their families, would be in this situation and this has taken a significant toll on their mental health. Even among those for whom the lockdown has been little more than a prolonged inconvenience, there’s a pervasive atmosphere of worry.

The UK Government accepts that mental health is a major issue during the pandemic, but there isn’t yet a recognition that therapists should be deemed essential or key workers. While Government has provided financial support for some self employed therapists, there now needs to be a recognition that, considering the mental health of the nation as a whole, therapists are desperately needed and should be designated key workers. Without this recognition we’re heading towards a mental health catastrophe that may take years to address.