Mental Health in the Workplace

UK Health Secretary, Norman Lamb, has recently stated that companies and corporations need to be more aware of mental health in the workplace, particularly the need to address the effects of long term stress. Mr. Lamb also stated that the stigma of mental health, or those suffering with mental health issues, needs to be diminished and ultimately eliminated. Companies need to be able to provide counseling services to their staff, provide flexible working hours, and recognise that stress and mental health issues costs UK businesses billions of pounds per year in absences. Mr. Lamb’s comments were aired on the BBC on Tuesday November 26th. On Friday November 28th, the BBC also reported that the number of hospital places for people suffering with severe mental health issues had been cut by over 2000 in the last few years. It’s seems as if the government is hoping that if hospital beds are fewer, then the private sector can compensate. On the other hand, if people have the chance to receive appropriate help for stress and other mental health issues while in work, they may never need a hospital bed in the mental health unit.