Mental Health in University

The BBC reported recently that British universities need to take responsibility for the mental health of their students. The news report was written in response to a government report that highlighted the number of recent suicides on UK campuses. Having read a prospectus for each of several UK universities I’m reassured that mental, physical and emotional well being is very much in focus. Perhaps what the BBC report needed to state more specifically is that universities need to be prepared to address mental illness. 

Sadly, many young people arrive at university with fragile mental health and the demands of post education can be overwhelming. Students need access to counselling and other forms of holistic therapy such as CBT, yoga, meditation and yes, hypnotherapy. Medication should be the last resort, not the first. Parents need to be kept informed by universities if their sons or daughters are suffering mentally. I feel universities are prepared to engage at this level, but it comes down to appropriate staffing and therefore funding.  With timely and appropriate intervention, I believe many if not most suicides on campus can be avoided.