The morning the BBC reported that the third highest medical affliction globally is migraine. Ironically, little is understood as to how migraines occur or how to alleviate them. The BBC interviewed two people who described just how debilitating migraines can be. One guest described a migraine “like having a red hot poker thrust into one’s head”. Both interviewees were receiving medication for migraines, but the medication for each was different. In fact, some sufferers take antidepressants, some take uptake inhibitors, some take other targeted medication. There doesn’t seem to be a silver bullet to avoid or mitigate migraines.

Does stress play a part in migraines? Mental attitude? Diet? Exercise? Sleep patterns? These all appear to be aspects of one’s susceptibility to migraines rather than a genetic disposition exclusively. Do I have a cure for migraines? I wish I did, but with suggestion therapy I can help a person manage stress, manage their diet, to exercise, to sleep well and develop a positive mental attitude. A cure for migraines? No, but I can help diminish the severity and frequency of migraines.