Misconceptions and Fallacies

From time to time I find myself having to realign misconceptions, even fallacies, about hypnotherapy. I find myself having to address misconceptions sustained by the media, both visual and print. I recall an article where a sceptical journalist subjected herself to a session of hypnotherapy to diminish stress. The journalist painted a very pleasing portrait of a knowledgeable therapist, a congenial office and most importantly, positive results from the session. Unfortunately, the article was accompanied by a photo of a swinging pocket watch. The journalist’s open minded efforts were wasted by the silly, outdated, and demeaning photo that perpetuates several fallacies. Hypnotherapy isn’t mind control or voodoo.
Recently, I was completely dismayed and then amused by a Barbie obsessed woman in California, Blondie Bennett, who is taking her quest to become a doll to the extreme by using hypnotherapy to make herself stupid. The 38 year old Californian has a hypnotherapy session once a week to make her more easily confused and vacant. I found it difficult to believe a therapist would be so unscrupulous but judging by the YouTube interview with Blondie the hypnotherapy was working and she certainly didn’t need any more. This is an example of trivialising an important and effective method of therapy. No doubt the struggle against misconceptions and fallacies will continue.