More Antidepressants?

The BBC reported earlier this week about a medical report published in Oxford. The report was the result of studying and collating many other medical reports regarding depression and the conclusion was that antidepressants needed to be prescribed even more than they are now. This conclusion appears contrary to widespread professional and public knowledge that antidepressants are handed out too liberally and are of limited effectiveness.

Having been a therapist for over a decade, I’ve met many people who have taken antidepressants or currently take them. My clients have been telling me for all that time that antidepressants are effective for a few days and should be prescribed for only a few days to provide some stability because the medication only masks the underlying issues. Only by addressing the underlying issues will depression be alleviated not by medication. Antidepressants? Yes, for only a few days. After that? Find an experienced, competent and qualified therapist. The way forward is less medication not more.