More Change on the Way

I’ve written about little other than the pandemic for a year and a half, but not merely as a passive or interested observer. Each of our lives is immersed in the pandemic and while the prospects of managing the pandemic emerge, the individual still feels like an observer upon circumstances beyond his or her control. 

Although the concept of “control” has severe or rigid connotations, our participation in life’s trials and tribulations varies between control, influence and no control. The time has arrived to take back some control and influence in my life. 

Returning to Canada in 2022 has been on my mind for some time but, when I was on the cusp of making that commitment, the pandemic arrived. My aspirations and plans weren’t destroyed but they were delayed. Returning to the plan of going back to Canada is an assertion of influence, and the decision takes back some control of my future. Vaccination is a way of controlling the pandemic for society and the individual, getting on with fulfilling personal aspirations is taking back control and asserting influence. They seem to go hand in hand and so there’s more change on the way.