More Fad Diets

Once again, BBC’s morning program Breakfast featured a discussion on the latest fad diet. The guest with Bill and Sian was a nutritionist who advised against “unsustainable” diets that encourage dramatic weight loss over a short period of time but with neither a strategy nor support to keep the weight down. The current fad diet encourages people to eat nothing but protein for a week, then gradually introduce vegetables and then fruits and other food groups. Evidently this diet also encouraged bad breath. While the nutritionist accepted this might encourage short term weight loss, the weight loss isn’t unsustainable. The nutritionist did advocate a healthy balanced diet with exercise or “eat less exercise more”. The guest nutritionist went on to say that this simple truth is so straightforward as to be banal and “isn’t taken on board”.

During the BBC Breakfast program, women on the street were briefly interviewed and confessed to the diets they had tried. These diets include the Cabbage Soup Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, and others that had been around for years including the Atkins Diet and the Scarsdale Diet. One woman interviewed asserted that she had never needed to diet.

The fundamental truth is that when a person consistently eats smaller portions than when they were a teenager, consumes alcohol very moderately and exercises regularly, their weight can be reduced and managed. Hypnotherapy with Ron van der Holt at the Clevedon Hypnotherapy Centre can help a person to achieve permanent weight loss without fad dieting. Hypnotherapy will help impart a sense of control and satisfaction to losing weight and keeping the excess pounds off.