More issues around obesity.

During the last week on the BBC Breakfast program, there’s been mention of obesity in regards to possible treatments. The first news item described a kind of “shock treatment” to compel people to change their lifestyles. The shock treatment would involve being very blunt about the possible medical repercussions of obesity such as diabetes and a host of other serious illnesses that shorten a person’s lifespan. The shock treatment might be applied to young people as well. These news items are always accompanied by images of obese men and women from the neck down.

The second news item on the same program stated that possibly 2 million people in the UK might qualify for weight reduction surgery to offset obesity. First of all, the there’s no way the NHS could afford such a procedure on such a vast scale. I also feel that the news item may have unintentionally conveyed the wrong message and that wrong message might be “don’t worry about being over weight or obese, the NHS will get rid of it for you”. This approach certainly conveys the wrong message although I can see the rational that vigorously and intrusively removing weight from people the NHS saves money by avoiding future health problems that obese people might have.

Recently, I’ve started to see younger people who are aware they have issues around food but don’t want to get obese, or even significantly over weight, in the first place. Through a combination of accelerated cognitive therapy and hypnotherapy I can help a person manage their lifestyle with nutrition and exercise in such a way that they never become over weight. Although I can help people who are severely over weight, even obese, it’s so much more preferable not to become over weight. This is precisely how I can help.