More Therapy for the Therapist.

Therapists need to be calm, aware, patient, focussed, present, empathic and responsive. At the same time, while seeing several clients per week, the issues in a therapist’s life must take a backseat to the needs of the client. The risk is that the issues of clients might eventually overwhelm a therapist unless he or she has support in the form of counselling or therapy for themselves. It seems sensible and logical for therapists to have ongoing support, but some therapists don’t get the support they need.

I’ve mentioned previously that I have monthly sessions with another therapist for support and understanding. This is vital to my well being but in addition to monthly sessions, I’m looking at extending my therapy to include meditation, grounding and art. Over the course of a work week it’s completely understandable that the batteries get partially drained, but it’s equally important the batteries are recharged and they can be. From this week onwards, therapy for the therapist has taken on a multidisciplinary approach.