Obesity in England Today

Today on BBC’s “Breakfast” program, it was announced that a quarter of adults in England are obese and that this percentage has increased dramatically over the last 15 years. Also, a very worrying trend is the percentage of obese children. Obesity in women has particularly increased. In fact, it was stated that the percentage of obese adults in England is the highest in Europe and third highest in the world. These facts were placed within the context of increased numbers of people with diabetes, heart troubles and ultimately the cost to the national health care system particularly if the percentages increase over the next decades. No solutions were offered on the program, just the very sobering facts.

These worrying trends could see a general increase in the temptation to try fad diets. As has been stated on this blog frequently, fad diets can provide short term results but with no strategy or support to sustain the weight loss. After a fad diet, a person can not only end up regaining the lost weight but put even more weight on. Hypnotherapy at the Clevedon Hypnotherapy Centre will help a person gradually lose weight and keep it off. I certainly can’t wave a magic wand and make people thin over night, but with positive suggestions I help a person reorientate their relationship to food. Eat less. Enjoy more. Stop snacking. Exercise. Feel good. Look good.