For almost any self employed person, there are ups and downs in terms of the volume of business. Some might assert there are cycles of business regularity rather than ups and downs. While I generally agree with both assertions, I’ve found that there are broad economic and social issues issues that affect how many customers I might see at any given time. You might say competition has a more direct or immediate effect on client levels than national or global economic issues. After 10 years in practice I have less completion here than I had ten years ago.

I believe that the sum total of Brexit, and a string of atrocious bombings, massacres and fires in this country over the last three months has diminished my business. In the face of this you might suggest that if people are feeling more anxious and stressed they’re more likely to seek my help. Ironically it can be the opposite. When anxious, stressed and grappling with the unfamiliar people are just as likely to keep what they have close. It’s when they feel slightly better do they have the courage and determination to seek help. So there are parallels: client numbers and nation or global issues.