An article in the April 15th issue of the The Mirror online described a 20 year old woman who appeared to have lived on nothing but chips (French Fries) for 15 years enjoying proper meals after one session of hypnotherapy. The article described her “SED” which I’m going to presume stands for severe eating disorder. The psychologist who treated the woman, Felix Economakis, stated “SED is usually caused by a trauma associated with food – it is often something that has happened as a baby that the patient has no conscious memory of.” Economakis then goes on to say, “By unlocking the subconscious I can get the patient to process the past and learn to let go of the fear.”

I agree with this approach entirely. The challenge I’ve faced as a hypnotherapist and a cognitive therapist is to help a person know and understand that their respective phobia can be caused by an event or events so far back in their lives. Regardless of the phobia, and hundreds have been formally named, the approach to alleviate the phobia is the same: rationally explore the past, understand the fear in context, address the emotions and let go of the fear permanently. All phobias can be alleviated with hypnotherapy applied in tandem with CBT.