Potatoes and Gravy

I’ve written extensively about the usefulness of hypnotherapy to mitigate or even completely diminish many harmful behaviours. I’ve endeavoured to address misconceptions while reiterating the power of suggestion to make a positive and lasting impression on people’s lives.

At times these blogs and discussions come across as serious, but earnest. Happily and unexpectedly, an article comes along that allows for humour. The BBC regularly does a round up and commentary on current issues in the daily newspapers. Today they sifted through the Brexit/Conservative leadership news to find a small article about a man who claims to be addicted to roast potatoes and gravy and is addressing this issue with hypnosis.

The commentators questioned whether or not a marked preference for roast potatoes and gravy constituted an addiction, while ignoring the treatment for the “addiction” with hypnosis. This article, with it’s brief ensuing discussion, brought a smile to my face because it wasn’t clear whether or not the article perpetuated misconceptions or spoke to the broad application of hypnotherapy to address a wide variety of issues.

If a person wants to consume fewer roast potatoes and gravy, then hypnotherapy can provide a means to that end. Perhaps there are underlying issues that promote habitual and compulsive behaviour. If I accept the humour in the article, then the issue hasn’t been trivialised by default. Fewer roast potatoes and gravy? No problem.