Prolonged Anxiety Symptoms

During the last 2 or 3 years, I’ve helped several people lessen their general anxieties. Many people of both genders, suffering with prolonged anxiety have symptoms that include stomach discomfort ranging from “occasionally feeling sick” to full blown, medically diagnosed, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Invariably, each of these clients had been to see a GP. Until recently, people suffering with IBS would only be offered medication for anxiety such citalopram or low dosages of valium.

Currently, GPs are recognising that while medication can temporarily relieve stomach distress, the underlying emotional issues can’t be alleviated with medication alone. Consequently, GPs are beginning to send their patients suffering with varying degrees of prolonged stomach distress to see me for hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy.

I’ve not yet helped anyone with prolonged stomach distress or IBS who wasn’t also suffering with prolonged periods of elevated stress and in some cases dread and panic attacks. This might beg the assertion that the prolonged stomach distress or IBS causes the anxiety.

I’m certain one exacerbates the other. What I’ve also found is that by treating the anxiety and/or panic attacks with hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy, the prolonged stomach distress and IBS can be significantly diminished even within a period of 4 sessions.