A veteran and a psychotherapist were interviewed on the BBC Saturday morning. The issue was post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. The veteran had been suffering with PTSD for a considerable time with no support or even acknowledgment. He stated that while he was aware that something was amiss, he buried or disavowed his emotional distress. Despite his distress, he was functioning in society and his emotional turmoil went unrecognised by friends and acquaintances. Eventually, seeking help and support, and struggling to find support, he turned to counselling and psychotherapy.

The psychotherapist not only understood the veteran’s circumstances, but knew how to address PTSD in an effective and compassionate manner. A traumatic event imprinted on memory, surrounded with emotional conflict leads to PTSD. The psychotherapist understood that the sufferer had to revisit the traumatic event. With guidance and support the traumatic event is integrated and it’s emotional impact is lessened without loss of memory. Terror, guilt and shame are diminished and the traumatic memory is drained of its negative emotions and placed within a context that allows for emotional stability. Suffering with PTSD is debilitating but there is effective help and support for sufferers.I’m very pleased this story was aired on the BBC.