Recovery From Covid 19

On September 27th I wrote about having Covid 19. At that time there were positive tests, the beginning of a 10 day quarantine, and arrangements to be supplied with food. I mentioned some of the physical symptoms, and at the time of writing they weren’t severe but were serious enough to give my situation some thought. 

There was anosmia, a mild cold with a persistent mild headache, a dense brain fog and for at least 2 days chest pain or specifically sore lungs. It was the latter that gave me pause because on one day I had to steady myself and consciously breathe. At no point did I think the virus was “going to take me”, but I resolved that if my chest pain became more serious I’d call an ambulance. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that. 

Fast forward a month. The anosmia remains, but all other symptoms have diminished almost completely. My disposition remains somewhat slightly more fragile than before the illness. I’m confident. I go where I need to go, do what I need to do, and see who I need to see. Something almost indefinable lingers. A subtle vulnerability. The awareness that despite vaccinations and precautions, the disease finds a moment of susceptibility even in the strong. I’ve made a recovery and for that I’m grateful.