Recently, I received a letter from my local NHS Surgery asking to participate in a research program being undertaken in partnership with a local university. Essentially, the research organizers are looking for men over 50, who have recently lost weight without trying, or have difficulty sustaining a healthy weight. My immediate impression was that the research group are looking for a minuscule part of the male population over 50! Regardless, I received the letter because my profile seemed to fit the research parameters. I’m going to decline the offer. Having read the methods of the research became clear to me that I might be put on a diet to gain weight and to keep it on. This is diametrically opposed to my personal approach. I was struck by the irony that having made the effort to keep my weight in a healthy range, there was a professional perception that there might be something wrong with me. Having reduced my weight gradually years ago, I now keep my weight and body mass index at healthy levels. Gaining weight and keeping it on is out of the question.