In September I was admitted to hospital with an advanced and aggressive infection. At the point of attending the emergency ward at Southmead Hospital I’d been on antibiotics for over a week and yet the infection was advancing with such speed that without intense medical intervention I faced the imminent prospect of septicaemia. After surgery and a different intravenous antibiotic, I began to recover.

The point I’m making is that the initial oral antibiotics didn’t work. The best I can say is that they might have slowed the spread of infection but in no way were the antibiotics arresting and reversing the infection. This is now acknowledged to be a widespread concern and noted on the BBC this week. Antibiotic resistant infections are real and even such routine procedures as Caesarian sections may become very problematic. This is simply a cautionary blog whereby a relatively healthy person, incurring a very minor injury, finds themselves facing a very serious medical situation despite two cycles of oral antibiotics. An old certainty is now gone.