Rest Again

Academic studies are currently underway in the UK to determine how, or if, people rest. The studies look at “rest” in a wider context that includes sleep but in practice is much more inclusive. What researchers are discovering is what constitutes rest. For some, going for a bike ride is restful, or gardening, watching TV, yoga or DIY. For others it’s simply turning off the smart phone. One respondent stated that “rest” is going to have a new tattoo.

Rest therefore isn’t only physical activity or the absence of physical activity, it seems to be a state of mind. For some, a change of activity can be as invigorating as rest itself. Rest can be the result of activity. Rest may be an activity that induces a state of calm or a state of relaxation or even a state of achievement.

Regardless of the activity or the approach, rest is essential and learning how to rest can be taught. Hypnotherapy is one of several methods that can help a person to rest while achieving inner calm.