Saville and the BBC.

This week, The BBC admitted publicly that the serial child abuser Jimmy Saville abused over 70 children, one just 8 years old, at the BBC. This was a shocking admission for a string of abuses that went on for 5 decades. It was also reported that there were strong suspicions, even actual knowledge of some of Saville’s abuses but due to his celebrity status he was not confronted and convicted. In fact, it seems as if a blind eye was turned towards Saville who behaved as if he was untouchable. Other serial child abuse predators at the BBC have had their crime recently revealed. While a person is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty, a series of accusations from several different sources must not be ignored.People are finding the courage to come forward to reveal their abusers knowing that the abused will be listened to. People with the inclinations of Jimmy Saville must be prevented from abusing knowing they will be revealed.