Sexual Abuse in Football Update.

In a week this issue has exploded across the media. Several hundred people from many prominent football clubs across the country have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse. Men came forward initially with allegations of historical sexual abuse by coaches and employees, but now young people have come forward with allegations of recent or ongoing allegations of sexual abuse. Several police forces are now involved with investigations while present and former captains of the men’s national football team are publicly encouraging all those who have been abused to come forward.

Apparently there have been cover ups and hush funds to keep this horrific issue under wraps and thus perpetuate the abuse. The UK Football Association is reeling from these allegations and surely there will be scrutiny as to who did what to whom and when and why it’s taken so long to become public. No doubt this will be a scandal of huge proportions, but thanks to those who came forward last week and this, there’s a real chance to put a stop to this and punish the offenders.