Staying Slim Under Lockdown and Beyond

Once the corona virus lockdown was declared, people were concerned about the physical and mental health of their family, their friends and their colleagues. Livelihoods were suddenly under threat. People didn’t go to work. Children didn’t go to school. Civil liberties were voluntarily curtailed.

By the end of March with the threat looming large, we were confronted with the fact that restrictions demanded we spend time in our homes. What were we going to do? Work from home, teach our children, tend our gardens and stay healthy. Staying mentally and physically healthy meant regular exercise and good nutritious food. Adapting to the new normal meant it was even more important not to over indulge in any food. Doubt, uncertainty and anxiety brought on by the daily barrage of shocking news headlines meant eating properly could be very challenging. In difficult times, food becomes solace.

Even as restrictions begin to ease it’s vitally important we don’t over eat, that we exercise regularly and that each day something, however small or insignificant, is accomplished. However, don’t let food become the reward for everything we do. Over indulging in food can be the consequence of fear and anxiety, but also boredom. Get in the habit of getting it right. Live with a sense of accomplishment rather than the guilt and shame of having food that we know will do us harm.

You deserve to be the person you want to be. Make every day count. Don’t procrastinate. Tell yourself you can do it. Stay healthy, lose weight and keep it off during lockdown and beyond.