Stoptober – 28 Days Without Smoking

In October of this year, the NHS will launch its quit smoking campaign called, “Ready, Steady, Stop – Stoptober – 28 days without smoking”. When a person wants to quit smoking with the NHS campaign, they can receive a DVD, a mobile app, support texts and emails.

I feel the initiative and the support options can be very useful to those genuinely committed to quitting. The underlying assumption is that if a person can quit for 28 days, they have a much better chance of quitting permanently. Again, the assumption is generally valid.

I specialise in helping people quit smoking permanently. After an initial consultation, I see the client just once with a follow-up text or email in 3 days (with permission).

During the month of October, if during a free initial consultation anyone mentions the NHS initiative, I’m happy to reduce the fee for the quit smoking session. I’m committed to helping people quit permanently with before, during or after Stoptober.