Stressed Professionals

During the last two or three years I’ve helped many professionals manage stress, but I’ve noted a significant increase in the number of teachers I’ve seen: primary, secondary and post secondary teachers. While they readily admit to very high levels of work related stress, the stress is often accompanied by a bewildering loss of confidence in their ability to attend to their responsibilities and achieve day to day objective and personal professional goals. The unmanageable stress and loss of confidence can be felt most acutely by teachers with several years teaching experience who enjoy the support of colleagues and pupils.

A recent report on the BBC stated just how prevalent the problem of stress is among teachers and that the problem, or the awareness of the problem, is growing.

As a primary school governor, I have respect and admiration for the tremendous responsibilities imposed on teachers. The role of an educator has evolved rapidly while shifting and changing emphasis from local and national government means teachers are constantly having to adapt while attaining very high standards. This situation can result in stress levels that partially or completely impair a teacher’s ability to cope in a classroom environment. The stress then leads to feelings of guilt, shame even despair.

I engage teacher clients with suggestion therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to help them understand how their feelings influence how they think and act. The CBT informs their minds while the hypnotherapy informs their feelings and emotions. The stress can therefore be managed and diminished. With more confidence and self esteem, teachers can return to the classroom to enjoy their responsibilities. Of course there will continue to be stress, but the stress will be manageable and even an impetus to creativity.