Take a Minute

Mental health awareness, and the acceptance of being able to discuss mental health, continues to advance. Professional sport in the UK is taking a leading role. Prince William is the head of the Football Association (FA), and he’s been very involved in promoting an open and honest discussion among professional football players, of both genders, about mental health.

There are about 30 matches being played in the FA Cup today and each match will begin 1 minute after the hour or half hour so that members of the public attending watch a video promoting mental health awareness with Prince William narrating. Everyone at these matches will literally “take a minute”. The video promotes openness in such a way as to dispel any stigma associated with admitting mental health issues. The point of promoting openness and honesty is that honesty, in an accepting environment, leads to the very real possibility of help and help leads to the very real possibility of understanding and mental health improvement.

I’m very impressed by the efforts of Prince William and the FA and I hope these efforts can be sustained. Mental health awareness is for everyone.