Taking Ones Life.

This week the BBC reported that in 2014, over 6100 people in the UK took their own lives. It was also reported that men are three times more likely than women to take their own lives. These are startling statistics yet the numbers don’t convey the suffering and sense of complete hopelessness that those who take their own lives experience. This doesn’t take into account the devastation felt by those “left behind”.

Suicide isn’t a call for help. It’s a drastic gesture of complete helplessness. Can suicide be averted? Definitely. Compassion. Support. Care. Love. Actively listening. Understanding. I refuse to accept that suicide is inevitable no matter how difficult personal circumstances are, but a suffering person needs to know emotional support is available long before suicide is contemplated. If that support doesn’t, or can’t, come from family or friends then a therapist, an enlightened witness, can help. Don’t suffer in silence. Help and support are there.