The Cost of Diabetes

The BBC reported today that the financial cost to the NHS due to treating Type II diabetes is putting a severe strain on resources. Currently, more than 10% of the entire NHS budget goes towards treating Type II diabetes. It won’t be long before that percentage rises to 17%. The disproportionate amount of NHS financial resources going towards Type II diabetes can’t be sustained. It’s claimed that treating diabetes could bankrupt the entire NHS.

Its been generally acknowledged that Type II diabetes is a consequence of lifestyle and that this type of diabetes can be avoided. It’s the same mantra the general public has become tired of: exercise, don’t become overweight, be moderate in one’s habits, manage stress. Even if a person becomes overweight, and brings their weight down permanently it will significantly diminish the chances of developing Type II diabetes. Without lifestyle changes to society as a whole, Type II diabetes will continue to be a major drain on NHS resources.