The Fox Hall Clinic

I’ve enjoyed working as a therapist in Clevedon since 2007. During most of that time I was based at the Reading House Business Centre on Alexandra Road. In April of last year I moved to the Fox Hall Clinic in Clevedon. While the premises on Alexandra Road was very congenial, I made the change to be among a diverse range of therapists and health care practitioners.

I have no regrets in having made the move. I’m now working among practitioners of counselling, CBT, hypnotherapy, reiki, massage, podiatry and chiropractics. There are evening classes for meditation, Zumba and men’s yoga. The whole atmosphere at The Fox Hall Clinic is one of healing, balance and mutuel co-operation. Each of us is a caring professional and within this atmosphere, I feel my abilities as a therapist have been enhanced. I look forward to seeing you there.