The New Normal

Primary and secondary schools have opened their doors and there’s also a cautious return to the workplace. While most people of school age have returned to the classroom, the corona virus pandemic has accelerated a process of working from home permanently. The return to the office was anticipated as a consequence of the opening of schools, but those who can work from home continue to do so in significant numbers. There are advantages and disadvantages in working from home, the latter being a degree of social isolation.

I’ve been seeing people face to face, in a Covid secure environment, since July. Many people I’ve seen since recently, describe heightened anxiety and their anxiety stems from several sources such as fear of the disease, fears for family members, restrictions on movement, the possibility of losing one’s employment, and much more. We’ve all experienced a loss of control and influence and no one knows when this situation will dramatically change for the better. Meanwhile most, but not all of us, remain vigilant.

I remain committed to helping people in these uncertain times. I can help restore a sense of calm, optimism and determination. I help people to understand that some aspects of life can influenced, some can be controlled and some aspects of life are beyond control. None of us are helpless towards challenges we face. This is the new normal. We can thrive in adversity.