The Pandemic and its Legacy

I regularly receive news feeds from different national and international sources. I keep up to date with so many aspects of the pandemic be it the situation in each country, domestic infections rates, or variants of concern. A global consensus has emerged that people’s mental health has suffered and this is the norm rather than the exception. This is the ongoing legacy of the pandemic. This strongly suggests to me that we are all vulnerable to diminished mental health in these extraordinary times. The pandemic, with it’s human toll and the struggle to immunise against it, is relentless. 

The upshot is that, despite the relaxing of restrictions, many are still in lock down mode mentally. For the majority that doesn’t imply extreme anxiety or paranoia, but it suggests vigilance, an awareness of the possibility of change, towards a pandemic that evolves. Our hopes rest upon immunisation locally, nationally and globally. This private expression of caution and vigilance, in the face of uncertainty, is the emotional legacy of the pandemic.