The Terror of Recovery.

Over the last decade as a therapist, I’ve met so many people from every walk of life. Occasionally, I see someone for an initial consultation who is in mental, emotional and physical equilibrium. Why would they see me? To sustain that equilibrium. I’ve also seen people with many of the symptoms of severe trauma who want to see me but struggle to do so.If finances aren’t a constraint why wouldn’t they see me? The prospect of positive change, of getting better, of leading a fulfilling life is a rational preoccupation, but that very possibility, the possibility of positive change seems so remote, bewildering and even frightening that they recoil from therapy.They can’t imagine the person they might become preferring the devil they know to the devil they don’t know. How do I proceed in this situation? Gentle persuasion and if that doesn’t work then providing the assurance that if and when they’re ready to see me then I’ll be ready to see them.