Therapy Beyond Fifty.

There’s a perception that the clientele of a therapist consists primarily of relatively well off people in their 20s and 30s with time on their hands and money to spend. This perception does describe a sizeable proportion of the people whom I see regularly, although they may not necessarily be well off. I have experience helping children and young people but this age group, unfortunately, accounts for a small proportion of the people who seek my help.

About a third of the people attending regular sessions with me are over 50 and some are over 60. At least half the people I’ve helped who are over 60 are men, men willing to discuss feelings in a safe environment. That more mature individuals seek help from a therapist is very positive development. Forty years ago, seeing a therapist was for the elite or viewed by the medical profession and the general public as something close to voodoo. Times and general perceptions have changed for the better and for those who seek therapy after 50, they can be assured that it’s never too late to improve one’s life.