I’ve written a recent blog about the tragic prevalence of suicide in the UK. The BBC reported today that in the UK, over three hundred people a year die by throwing themselves in front of moving trains. This report struck a strong chord with me because our family lost a family member this way.

Employees of various domestic railway networks arena being trained to spot people in distress, intervene appropriately and offer and provide support. The charity “Samaritans” also provide services to vulnerable people in some large urban train stations. These efforts acknowledge the prevalence and seriousness of this situation. People don’t decide to take their lives on a whim. Suicide is the terrible legacy of long term emotional suffering.

As a therapist, I help to empower people. I help people to be emotionally literate and to help people to understand the relationship between how they feel, think and behave. Taking one’s life need never be an option if a person receives genuine understanding and support. Getting to a train station should be the beginning of a journey not the end of a life.