Urgency in These Times

There’s ongoing and widespread discussion among the public, press, social media and government circles about where we are, how we get out of this and what does the corona virus mean for our economy. In tandem with these urgent issues is the awareness of the impact of these times and circumstances on our individual and national mental health. Like the financial repercussions, the mental health repercussions will extend for years into the future.

Many are living every day with uncertainty and fear. We worry about our children, our families, and our neighbours. Can we pay mortgages and rents? Will we even have a job to go to? When will we go back to school? Some will be enduring all these uncertainties and more, and I haven’t even touched on those who have lost loved ones. We haven’t been through anything like this in living memory.

There are signs we will get through this. The threat to our physical well being will diminish and a new normal will prevail. With access, understanding and sustained support provided by counselling and therapy, mental health can be restored. The threat to our mental health will subside, but it will take time.