Winter Election 2019.

I’ve been of voting age since 1978 in Canada firstly, and the United Kingdom latterly. I can’t recall ever voting in December and the fact we’re having an election in this country two weeks before Christmas seems like political desperation. No one, regardless of persuasion, really wants an election now. With the turmoil of the last three years, the powers that be are hoping for one last chance for clarity and stability before the year is through.

This country is fragmenting politically, although the outcome on December 12th may not reflect that. The frustration and disillusion with politics and politicians is so deep and pervasive that most of us feel we’re voting for our least unpalatable option. This is a truly unfortunate situation and one that doesn’t bode well for the future. Political disaffection at this point in our collective history would be a mistake. So we will have our winter election. Let’s see where it takes us.