Work Life Imbalance.

I’ve seen several people recently who have arrived at a point in the their professional lives where the option of working from home is a real possibility. Often arrangements are made whereby the employee agrees to provide the employer with a weeks worth of time, effort and productivity in four consecutive week days. Then they end up doing 4 twelve hour days and the Friday,the day off,is spent recuperating.

Another arrangement is that an employee works from home but is given six days of work to do in five days. After all, if the employee doesn’t have to commute why not give them more work to do? They can do the work in a housecoat with a cup of tea at their side. I’m seeing people very stressed from work situations that they thought were meant to help them feel more productive and less stressed. Collectively we don’t have the balance right in this country. People are still living to work. We have to strive for a better balance: reasonable work commitments and time off.