Cancer in the UK and How to Minimise Risks

Once again, the BBC leads with a story that dovetails into how hypnotherapy can constructively compel a person to improve their health. On Wednesday, December 7th, the lead BBC Breakfast news item was that people can significantly reduce their chances of developing cancer with specific life style changes.

It was pointed out that the biggest contributing factor to cancer among men was smoking, while for women it was being over weight. Other contributing factors to cancer in both genders was alcohol consumption, diet and a lack of moderate exercise. A woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer, and overcame it,described taking up exercising every day, eating smaller portions and quitting alcohol consumption.

The doctor being interviewed on the Breakfast program hastened to point out that about 50% of cancers were the result of family background and could not be entirely avoided, but by making lifestyle changes a person “could stack the odds in their favour”. The doctor being interviewed recommended quitting smoking and “managing weight”. These are simple truths and while these lifestyle changes can have have tremendous benefits, people often struggle to begin to make these changes.

Weight management is something I specialise in helping a person achieve. Quite often people I see have a complex relationship to eating and food that involves guilt from poor eating habits, poor eating choices, diminishing health and even poor health. Many people I see have a relationship to food that almost always guarantees they will feel guilt and guilty. The habit is not just the relationship to food but the habit of feeling guilt. I can help impart control in such a way as to dissolve the relationship between food and guilt. This doesn’t mean a person will continue to overeat and simply not care. The absence of guilt is replaced with the will power to eat less and to feel good about enjoying smaller portions, eating healthy, not eating when not hungry and stopping when you’ve had enough. All of this and more can be accomplished with positive suggestions provided with hypnotherapy.