Banning Electronic Cigarettes (Pt. 2)

On November 17th, I wrote a blog entitled “Banning Electronic Cigarettes”. The blog was in response to a recent news item about the possibility of banning smoking or nicotine dispensing devices from pubs. During the last week, I’ve received at least one email per day promoting “eCigs” with what appears to be a nicotine dispensing device made to mimic cigarettes and cigarette smoking. There’s a lovely young smiling couple across the strap line. The ad suggests people can “smoke smarter” with fewer chemicals, no tobacco, tar or ash and to be able to smoke indoors “legally”. Tweets and Facebook comments from users both employ the words “happier” and “healthier”.

My concern is that these devices are being marketed as an alternative to smoking. If the intention of using these devices is the first brief step towards completely quitting then I can see the point, but what I detect is that these devices are being marketed as a lifestyle choice. “Happy” and “healthy” are being used strategically. I’m adamant that the best way forward in terms of being healthy and happy is to abstain from tobacco in any form including anything that pretends to be an alternative to tobacco in any form. My simple advice is use these devices for a few days and then come to me for hypnotherapy to quit for the rest of your life.