Weight Management and Moderate Exercise

On August 17th, the BBC “Breakfast” program carried a story of research from Taiwan that suggested that just 15 minutes of exercise a day could add 3 years to a person’s life. The story was presented in such a way as to contrast the prevailing view that a person needs to exercise vigorously, and frequently, to enhance one’s life expectancy. Certainly the prevailing view isn’t fundamentally incorrect, but it often prevents a person from beginning an exercise regime. It seems daunting to even begin, but the Taiwanese research asserts that a modest beginning, just 15 minutes a day of accelerated heart rate is not only a good beginning, but in itself provides health benefits.

Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I frequently help people begin a healthy exercise regime as an overall approach to weight management. I encourage people to start modestly, just 15 minutes a day of walking. With hypnotherapy,I embed the positive suggestions so that a person is empowered to begin and sustain a regime of exercise. The weight management hypnotherapy also encourages eating less, enjoying healthy regular meals and avoiding snacking. Add moderate exercise to healthy eating habits and a person finds their weight gradually reducing. Hypnotherapy at the Clevedon Hypnotherapy Centre for weight loss and weight management really works.