Therapy and Business

Therapists of all persuasions need to cultivate empathy, patience, openmindedness and understanding. Hopefully, by the time a therapist has these qualities in abundance he or she remains a therapist.
Generally, clients regard me and my methods of therapy with an initial scepticism. With the qualities mentioned above, scepticism gives way to trust. Occasionally, very occasionally, I encounter a person who wilfully seeks to undermine even violate the fundamental relationship between therapist and client. Then I’m forced to remind myself I’m a therapist running a business. I keep records. I’ve had two or three people who every two it three years attend a free initial consultation, make an appointment and either don’t show up, change their minds at the eleventh hour or suddenly declare an inability to pay. Compassion should prevail on my part, but there have to be reasonable limits. That’s when, having determined a person is incorrigible, I make a “business decision” not to see them again, but only after applying the “three strikes and your out” rule. Unfortunately, compassion and understanding can’t feed my children. Still, the overwhelming majority of clients attend without hesitation and improve their lives.