Men and Medicine

Recently, I’ve been helping men in their 20s. Many arrive for an initial consultation without the preconceptions or misconceptions of men their fathers age. Still, these young men have been to see their GPs for issues with physical symptoms, but the symptoms are emotional and psychological in origin. Young men, appearing otherwise healthy in their GPs surgery, can’t be helped but are given well intentioned advice to quit smoking or lose some weight. The advice certainly does no harm, but doesn’t address the specific symptoms. The symptoms can include dread, anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness or sexual dysfunction.
I’m seldom the first port of call for young men or men in general. I reassure them the their GPs advice is still good advice, but difference is that a doctor’s sphere of influence is flesh and bones, my sphere of influence is emotions, feelings and every symptom that arises from emotions and feelings. Your GP helps you care for flesh and bones, I help care for the soul.