Expanding the Business

I’ve been happily engaged as a therapist for seven years. During that time I experienced a degree of professional isolation. It’s not that I didn’t want to meet other therapist, it’s just that there were no other hypnotherapists to meet in this town. Working in isolation means I’m still practicing while at least 3 other hypnotherapists, practicing locally, have come and gone. I’ve always felt other hypnotherapists practicing in the same town would raise the profile of the therapy. To me, the competition wasn’t a threat.
After seven years, it’s time to join forces with a therapist with 9 years experience based in Bristol, and a young hypnotherapist who’s been schooled in marketing and therapy. By joining forces, my colleagues can benefit from years of experience and I can benefit from the “marketing 24/7” approach. It’s as if I’ve been waiting to join forces with dedicated therapists all this time.