I recently blogged about websites, social media and hypnotherapy advertising within the context of keeping up and maintaining relevance. To reiterate, although essential a website isn’t enough.
Recent graduates of recognised schools of hypnotherapy here in the UK, are trained in marketing as well as every other aspect of hypnotherapy as provided in a professional setting. Marketing is therefore what helps sustain a business.
The website helps provide information and begin rapport, but marketing must also embrace events, networking, hard copy advertising, radio, advertorials, and developing a profile within the community. The list of what constitutes marketing could be lengthened considerably.
Young hypnotherapy graduates are told marketing is 24/ 7. This is certainly the approach I’m taking. The marketing methods I’ve used in the past can be used again with regularity. Regardless of seven years as a practicing therapist, complaisancy in regards to marketing is potentially fatal to the business.