Obesity and the NHS

It was reported on the BBC on July 11th that the NHS is considering gastric bands or liposuction for obese individuals who might be at risk of Type II diabetes. I understand the rationale that dramatically reducing an obese person’s weight with surgery helps reduce the long term financial burden to the NHS by reducing the possibility of a person developing Type II diabetes. Might this send out the message that becoming or being obese is acceptable because the NHS will provide a solution?

In the newscast, there was a brief mention of prevention. Prevention seemed to imply not becoming obese in the first place. With less obesity in the general population, there is no need for weight loss surgery on the NHS and certainly less prevalence of Type II diabetes. Obesity is not embedded in our genetic code. Anyone regardless of age, gender or ethnicity doesn’t have to become obese. I feel the focus needs to be on prevention of obesity. Hypnotherapy and CBT can help a person manage their weight. Managing one’s weight is a way of life not a two week diet.