Quit Smoking Before the New Year.

Recently, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a number of people seeking hypnotherapy to quit smoking in November. The temptation to coast until the New Year is quite common. People are telling me they want to quit smoking now, eat sensibly over the Christmas Holidays and concentrate on weight management in the new year. I’ve known clients who in the past tried to quit smoking, join the gym and begin to lose all the excess weight in first few days of January, feel nearly overwhelmed, finally ending up achieving none of their goals. Frustration then leads to resignation and further frustration.

Smoking cessation and weight management through reduced intake and moderate exercise are very sensible goals to improve health. Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to help a person to achieve all these. I’m just very pleased people are seeing the sense in a gradual approach that involves dealing with one issue at a time as part of an overall strategy of physical and therefore emotional well being.

Weight Management and Moderate Exercise

On August 17th, the BBC “Breakfast” program carried a story of research from Taiwan that suggested that just 15 minutes of exercise a day could add 3 years to a person’s life. The story was presented in such a way as to contrast the prevailing view that a person needs to exercise vigorously, and frequently, to enhance one’s life expectancy. Certainly the prevailing view isn’t fundamentally incorrect, but it often prevents a person from beginning an exercise regime. It seems daunting to even begin, but the Taiwanese research asserts that a modest beginning, just 15 minutes a day of accelerated heart rate is not only a good beginning, but in itself provides health benefits.

Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I frequently help people begin a healthy exercise regime as an overall approach to weight management. I encourage people to start modestly, just 15 minutes a day of walking. With hypnotherapy,I embed the positive suggestions so that a person is empowered to begin and sustain a regime of exercise. The weight management hypnotherapy also encourages eating less, enjoying healthy regular meals and avoiding snacking. Add moderate exercise to healthy eating habits and a person finds their weight gradually reducing. Hypnotherapy at the Clevedon Hypnotherapy Centre for weight loss and weight management really works.